Romance Tours to China, Thailand and the Philippines

Browse 1000s of single Chinese women interested in marriage

Romance Tours to China, Thailand and the Philippines

June 1, 2021 Asian Romance Tours 0

Asian Romance Tours

Hot Chinese Women for Marriage

Asian romance tours are an excellent way to connect with Asian mail-order brides. They’re all-inclusive trips to Asian countries that allow guys to soak up the attention of single women and communicate with them in their natural habitat. If you’re not interested in wasting time on futile attempts to discover a potential mate, Asian dating tours are the greatest approach to meet the Asian wife of your dreams. Discover more about dating tours to Asia and make the best choice!

Have you always wanted to fall in love with an Asian woman and marry her? Has it always been a dream for you to get an Asian girlfriend and see how things are going? Are you tired of the regular and mundane tasks of dating? If all your answers are yes, you need to start thinking about international dating. International dating allows men and women from all over the world to connect and fall in love. To help this cause, there are many dating sites online that allow foreign women and men to interact, meet and date. If you are curious about a specific ethnicity, you can always find a dating site that caters to it. Many western men like Asian women because of their humble behavior and their loving character. While many American women like that too, Asian women tend to stand first on the list because of their culture and norms.

Chinese-Women-Dating-ToursIf you register yourself in one of these Asian dating websites, you can have access to thousands of profiles for a small amount, and you can chat with as many women as you want, with credits and your subscription type. However, flying to meet them becomes a huge part of the dating process because there is no way you can spend the rest of your life with a woman whose profile you saw online. Traveling to Asian countries such as China, the Philippines, and Thailand becomes necessary if you plan to marry an Asian woman. Besides, it gives you a clear picture of the actual woman. The little things are continually significant. If you are in love with a woman’s profile online and you two have exchanged mutual feelings for each other, it still becomes a necessity that you meet them. If you are a person that doesn’t like the sound of people chewing loudly and if you’re an Asian woman who chews very loudly, you might feel ultimately repelled. There are a lot of things like these that might put you off.

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So never settle for a woman without meeting her. Asian women are a delight to have throughout your life, but what is the point if the woman of your dreams is nothing like what you dreamt of?

Romance Tours to Asia

Romance Tour to China - Chinese BridesA specific tour allows people to travel to Asia searching for a wife or a girlfriend. It is called the ‘Asian marriage tour,’ arranged by companies like ‘A foreign Affair’ and ‘Anastasia International.’ These tours can be a bit expensive, but they function well to give you an idea of all the Asian women.

Based on which country you want to visit; these matchmaking companies will plan the tour for you. If you have the money and are interested in marrying an Asian woman, these tours will be of great help to you. Romance tours are organized in such a way so that you get to meet the maximum number of women you can. You are to take part in social gatherings and meetings. There will be a lot of ladies out there that are looking for a potential match.

The first thing you will notice about Asians is that they are not similar. They are easily distinguishable, and you can identify your Asian woman quickly. With these tours, you can meet around 4-5 girls in a fortnight, and you can bring your choices down to see who really might be your future wife.
You can also ask one of the Asian women out on a tour or a date from the meetings.

Where to go for a date

Meet Beautiful Asian Women and Single Asian GirlsThis is a common question no matter which method of dating you prefer. An Asian woman is very different from an American woman, and among the Asians, each of them is very different. Chinese women are raised traditionally, and hence if you ask her to go for drinks with you, she will probably think that you are trying to play with her and then toss her aside. With a Thai woman, if you ask her to accompany you to the bar, then she might either be offended or be ready to make use of you.

Thailand has a culture of “bar girls,” which is no different from sexual entertainers. If you meet a legit Thai woman and ask her to go to the bar with you, rest assured that she will not want to look at you. A dinner is always a safe option, especially if you are opting for the first date.

If you take an Asian woman for dinner, always be the first to pay the bill. This is the basics of dating etiquette. Dinners are quiet and less crowded, and you can get to know each other very well. From there, you can take things forward.

Planning your romance tour

planning-a-tripIf you cannot afford the cost of Asian marriage tours that these sites offer, you can always make your own. It’s pretty easy.

You would want to go to Asia to meet a woman who will sweep you off your feet. You want the woman to be your potential partner. We have established the fact that Asian women make better wives pretty early. So, getting to know an Asian woman is one necessary thing. Start with cities or places that are populated by a lot of single girls. If you are looking for a Chinese woman, starting in Hong Kong would be a great option because they are much better introduced to western culture than traditional Chinese women.

Besides, Chinese women from Hong Kong are more open to westerners, which gives you a greater chance of winning their hearts. Hong Kong is very close to other provinces of China, so if you are starting your trip from Hong Kong, it is quite an advantage.

Filipina bride tours

If you are looking for a Filipino woman, traveling to the Philippines is the only way. The Philippines has several beautiful beaches and scope for many romantic sunsets. Traveling to the Philippines is pretty cheap when you are using USD. On the other hand, you can meet Thailand women easily on the streets of Thailand. However, staying away from bars and massage parlors is a good idea if you are looking for a woman you want to marry. Read up on dating scams to get a picture of the kind of women you should watch out for.

hong-kong-cityscapeBefore starting your trip, sign up to one of the dating websites and chat with a few women. You can meet them on your trip and see if it works for you. If you are sure that you haven’t met a gold digger or a visa hunter, then you can proceed to date the woman and marry her. Asian women are lovable and have qualities that make men want to date them. If you have decided to visit any Asian countries to look for marriage, kudos to you; you will have a great life later.

Asian marriage tour destinations

Traditional dating websites are packed with dating profiles whose authenticity you cannot verify. Romance tours provide you with a more practical and result-oriented option for having an Asian woman as your lover than traditional dating sites. Throughout your romantic trip, you will encounter Thai or Filipino women who are on the lookout for you. Filipino women are the ideal remedy to the marriage problems you’ve been experiencing for years. It’s time to seize the bull by the horns and let go of all inhibitions. Make a bold move and seek out a Filipino girl. If you marry a Filipino woman, your love will last a lifetime. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Would you please take advantage of the romance tours we offer through the AFA international dating services?

Asian Romance Tour Schedule

Romance toursTour CitiesFromToDaysCost

Cebu Philippines August 19 August 25

August 19August 257 days/6 nights$2795

Cebu Philippines August 19 August 28

August 19August 2810 days/9 nights$3195

Cebu Philippines August 19 September 1

August 19September 114 days/13 nights$3495

Bangkok Thailand August 26 September 1

August 26September 17 days/6 nights$2495

Bangkok Thailand August 26 September 4

August 26September 410 days/9 nights$2995

Bangkok Thailand August 26 September 8

August 26September 814 days/13 nights$3395

Davao Philippines October 7 October 13

October 7October 137 days/6 nights$2595

Davao Philippines October 7 October 16

October 7October 1610 days/9 nights$2995

Davao Philippines October 7 October 20

October 7October 2014 days/13 nights$3495

Shenzhen China November 18 November 24

November 18November 247 days/6 nights$2595

Shenzhen China November 18 November 27

November 18November 2710 days/9 nights$2995

Shenzhen China November 18 December 1

November 18December 114 days/13 nights$3495



An Asian romance tour includes the services of highly professional individuals who will always be there for you. Tickets, cabs, hotel rooms, excursions, and many other benefits are offered. The language barrier will not be an issue because you will be accompanied by an interpreter most of the time. A Western man makes the correct option by entrusting our organization with his Asian romance tour since we want to help him enhance his love life and show him the beauty of various places.

A marriage tour to Shenzhen, China, is an excellent way to meet gorgeous Chinese ladies looking for a Western mate. Chinese women have strong cultural origins and customs. A singles trip to Shenzhen, China, is a once-in-a-lifetime social opportunity for Western guys to meet exotic Chinese ladies. Shenzhen women have a distinct manner than Western women. Shenzhen romance tours are ideal to find your future wife.