Chinese women dating Afro-American men

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Chinese women dating Afro-American men

January 31, 2022 Chinese Brides 0

Chinese women want to date Afro-American men

As China opens to the rest of the world, more Chinese women will be able to marry western men. A woman from Beijing, China’s capital, flew to New York and married a former Afro-American diplomat. Chinese women are increasingly marrying western men. Chinese women dating Western men has progressively become a common occurrence in China.

China has been known to be a race-obsessed country. The issue is that Chinese men and women think fair skin is superior and dark skin is inferior. There is an incident shared by Joel, forty-two, who works as an English teacher in China. The kids in my class are all high class. The whole ‘class’ issue in China prevails to a much greater extent than in America. I have seen wealthy parents and their spoiled kids sent to school with kids that are from very typical backgrounds. While some have a sense of superiority, everyone eventually gets along and makes friends.

But what I saw in China truly shocked me. These kids picked on other kids that were from lower backgrounds. And to top it off, all the kids in my class were racists and had no idea it was terrible. I had told them that Beyonce was the most beautiful woman in America, according to most of us and their mouths were wide open with shock. I had never seen the same reaction from anywhere in America and especially kids when I said the same about Beyonce.

Besides, when Americans are considered too superior according to the Chinese, why was it hard to accept an Afro-American? I can only think that their age-old traditions and beliefs still contain them in their mindset. But surely, things are starting to change these days.

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Chinese women love foreign men, especially American men

Interracial Marriage - Asians and Blacks - Asian Black CouplesLike every American, African American men have exotic tastes for Chinese women. Because of this, he wants to contact Chinese women and date them. But to a Chinese woman, an afro American man is the last thing she would think of. The main reason Afro-American men are concerned about racism in China is that it affects their chances of meeting a beautiful Chinese woman for dating and marriage.

Chinese women believe that a handsome man is lean or at least averagely built. Besides, she expects an attractive man to look fair, like a Caucasian, or at least like her countrymen. An afro American does not fit into both categories. If he is dark, he is instantly considered as someone who does not have much wealth, and to the Chinese, wealth is essential in society. Only if you are rich do they respect you. Sometimes it takes them more than weeks to understand that you are just as good as any other American man if you have dark skin.

Dark skin results from tanning and is sometimes genetic when it involves Afro-American men. While American women find Afro-American men attractive, and some even exclusively prefer Afro-American men, some Chinese women believe that the usual ‘fair’ American is the best. If Afro-Americans walk on the streets, it only reminds them of how much poverty they possess and the misery they are in. They assume he stole expensive clothes if he is seen wearing them. Similarly, if an Afro-American man is well-built, they immediately think he is a criminal because they are used to seeing well-built dark-skinned men as thugs and gangsters.

An increasing number of Chinese women marry Black men

Date Chinese Girls - Beautiful Women from ChinaWith westernization having its influence in China, more Chinese women are getting used to dating Afro-American men. This may not be that popular in China, but it is becoming a trend in America. Chinese Americans are more open-minded and realize that racism is outdated and that they must look for a great personality instead of good looks. Besides, with the American culture influencing them, they think Afro-American men are gentlemen. Their home country still needs to catch up on a lot, though. Chinese women have started to understand that not all fair men are good to them. They have their emotional needs, and they don’t think of their color when they see that a guy can fulfill them.

Chinese women like to be taken care of at times. They will do everything they can to make you feel special and expect you to show that you care too. They are natural when it comes to raising a happy, loving family and are not afraid to do it. They are competitive in everything. They are equally good at their household duties if they are competitive in their jobs.

If you are a man with a good heart and a need to marry a loving woman, you can approach a Chinese woman, get to know her, and go on many dates. They understand these days and will see that you are a gem. Colour does not matter anymore.

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