Why marrying a Chinese woman?

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Why marrying a Chinese woman?

April 19, 2019 Chinese Brides 0

Why marrying a Chinese woman is a good idea?

A Chinese bride for marriageSo you have found your “one” through the internet or randomly out on the street. What next? Dating and marriage. Very often, the people you think you know are always the ones that turn out to be different. If this doesn’t happen to you, you are fortunate, but you got to take all the precautions, right? Marriage is a tricky affair, especially with international dating. Nothing you ever know about your Chinese woman is enough. You always want to know more and dig deeper. Dating Chinese women can be a complete paranoia or a complete experience of being blinded by attraction.

Here are a few things that Chinese women are known for:

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  • China ladies are loving: Chinese women are said to be the spark in the relationship. They are the ones that keep the relationship from tumbling down. They are the ones that make sure you have a smile on your face. They are just all about love.
  • Chinese girls are kind and generous: No one can beat a Chinese woman in love when it comes to being kind and helpful. You can always expect her to be there for you, and she won’t complain about doing anything for you that takes her time. Instead, when you are disturbed, she is willing to sit by your side and help you feel better.
  • Asian women aren’t bossy: They let their men decide about almost anything. Even if it is a simple walk to the park followed by a movie, they let the man decide which movie to watch. They give complete control over decision-making to their boyfriends or husbands, and they find immense pleasure in doing so.
  • Women of China are family-oriented: They treasure their values deeply, and as a result, they are more family-oriented than any western woman. A Chinese woman puts her career and her individual life behind her to stay home and help her children grow. She puts herself before her family.

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Chinese woman for datingNow, these are some traits of a traditional Chinese woman. If a Chinese woman is a mix of both, which is pretty easy to find these days, then you should probably watch out for these:

  • Their idea of love: They think that “Love” is more of a verb than a feeling. They misinterpret feelings, which might hurt you if you have all the warmth and fuzzies each time you think about them. Make sure that your idea of love and their idea of love is the same thing. Not “pretty much” and not “close enough.” The only way to do this is by directly asking them what love means to them then putting your name in the question. It saves some hurt if the answer is unexpected.
  • Chinese women can be manipulative: They are pretty manipulative at times. They want things done in a specific way at a particular time. They are pretty demanding and demand a lot more than you can offer. This is a great reason to consider prenuptial. A prenuptial agreement can be explained when you are still together, but you will be glad that you brought it up when you got engaged in the event of a divorce in the future.
  • Some Chinese women can be selfish: Family-oriented is the last thing that they are. They don’t even want to have kids, probably. And that submissive trait is more of a cultural norm, and it might fade away as time passes by. They put themselves first in the relationship, meaning you need to change your priorities for their sake. Did we mention that they are pretty manipulative?

These are a few things that you need to watch out for. However, when you are dating someone, you will likely know if the second list is accurate. So keep your eyes open before marrying anyone, not just Chinese girls for marriage.

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